Friday, 5 November 2010

Questions and Questions

Today is the first time I'll try to write in English. Thank my colleagues for that, because they bombard me with the following questions and statements all the time. Read and enjoy.

Brotbüchse /Lunch Box:
I'm sure, everyone knows my big blue lunchbox. It fits at least 8 rolls and is a useful friend on every away-match-journey. Of course, it's cheaper to fil my box instead of lunching at a take away every day.
My colleagues never saw such a lunchbox.
"Boah" that is gigantic."
"You could feed a family with that" - A family or just me, I usually answer.
"Never saw a man who eats so much"
"You're really prepared"

Big bottles of sparkling water:
"Why do you drink sparkling water?" "I never saw anyone drinking so much water" - Everyone does in Germany and I grow up that way.
"Why do you have always such a big bottle?" - Because it's cheaper than the small bottles.
"It's enormous. It's like a tank used in the army"
"How much do you drink a day" - At least 2 litres. Sometimes up to 7.
"You must pee a lot" - Not really

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  1. Great! Only Great! I lie on the earth because of so much laughing! =D